Hi there!

I'm Sarah, a photographer based out of the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago. I photograph families, couples, and individuals in the Chicagoland Area.

My style is happy, colorful, and storytelling. I prefer to photograph outdoors and utilize the colors in nature. My green thumb inspires me to keep nature's greens and foliage lively and bright! I also love playing with the sun and will nerd out over some golden hour sunlight.

Getting to know my clients and learning more about the relationships within their family brings me so much joy. Bring your mom, bring your dog, I'm happy to accommodate! We will work together to have a fun photoshoot!

About Me

Like most women, I wear many hats. Personally, I am a mom of two little ones and a wife to the most supportive partner. Professionally, I am a photographer, Licensed Professional Counselor in mental health, and a Project Manager for a lifestyle studio. I am what they describe a multi-passionate. It took me awhile to realize that I didn't have to limit myself to just one thing. In fact, I NEEDED to pursue my multiple passions. The journey to get here wasn't always smooth, but it sure was worth it!

At the core of everything I do is cherish connections between people...and sometimes they're pets. In photography, I do that by building relationships with my clients and capture the genuineness of the relationships they choose to share in front of my lens. I LOVE IT. I find it to be a huge honor to be trusted to capture these moments for clients. So please always know how grateful I am for you to be here, reading this, visiting my page, booking a session, and/or referring me to a friend. Your support has warmed my heart and soul in ways I can't put into words.



"We initially weren’t planning to do engagement photos because we didn’t want the typical staged photos with forced smiles. When we did our session with Sarah she immediately erased all of our concerns. She truly matched the tone we were going for and our session was so comfortable and fun! She blew us away with her vision, capturing amazing pictures from creative settings, all while helping us relax and look natural. We’re so happy we decided to book with her and so grateful for our amazing shots!"