Hi there!

I'm Sarah, a photographer based out of the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago. I photograph families, couples, and individuals in the Chicagoland Area.

Photography is one of my passions and my creative outlet. I can trace back enjoying photography as far back as I can remember. Not to age myself too much, but I remember purchasing my first digital camera from Radio Shack and using photos I took as MySpace backgrounds. Millennials know... My love for photos has only grown over the years. And luckily for my clients, I have upgraded my equipment since my beginner days.

Getting to know my clients and learning more about the relationships within their family brings me so much joy. Bring your mom, bring your dog, I'm happy to accommodate! We will work together to have a fun photoshoot!

My Style

Every photographer has their own personal style that makes their work their own. My client galleries happy, colorful, and storytelling. I love capturing both classic, smiling at the camera shots, as well as genuine interaction.

My photoshoots are a mix of poses and prompts. I will make some suggestions and also allow you to do what is comfortable.

I prefer to photograph outdoors and utilize the colors in nature. My green thumb inspires me to keep nature's greens and foliage lively and bright! I have a background in interior design which influences me to keep images classic over following trends. My hope and intention is that your images remain timeless and something you can look back on for years to come.

My Editing

My editing style consists of brighting my images to be vivid as well as embracing nature's true colors. Don't fret if you wake up with a pimple or your kid scratched their face the morning of our photoshoot--I will remove those for you. I may also gently smooth skin and brighten teeth, but you can expect to look like yourself and not a filtered version of perfection.

I aim for enhancing photos to looking your best, but not unrealistic.