How it Works

Make a Connection

First step to booking is to email Sarah at or visit contact page and fill out the form.

Important information to include: 

+ Investment Package

+ Type of Session (who or what is included)

+ Date range

+ Location (if known)

+ # of people


After reaching out, you will hear from me via email about availability. We will work through any questions or details and determine the tentative time and location for your photoshoot. I typically suggest locations within nature and timing for the best lighting. After we have the date, tentative time and location, the photo shoot will be scheduled!

Prep for Client

Consider getting a head start on wardrobe! This can become overwhelming...but it doesn't have to be if you give yourself enough time! I give my clients guidance on what looks great so you can feel comfortable and confident on the day of shooting! Clients are welcomed to ask me questions about color palettes or places to shop for outfits.

Follow Up

Prior to the photoshoot you will receive a questionnaire from me. This will include contact information, accessibility requests, and some fun questions for me to learn more about you/your family. I encourage clients to have fun with the questionnaires and use it as a time to reflect on their relationships and family, if relevant to the session type.

What to Expect at Your Photoshoot

I understand the stress that can come with the prep of a photoshoot. I do my best to make the day of relaxing and fun. We will won't take ourselves too serious and we will work together to solve any challenges that come up. I will capture those small moments that show you in your truest form. And, of course, I will always capture the traditional shots looking of everyone straight at the camera. You know, the ones you send to grandma.

As a mom myself, I know that our kids don't always behave in predictable ways at photoshoots and that is totally okay!! I will never pressure my clients to be perfect and I will do my best to find new approaches that work for everyone. I do not like rushing clients and believe that only hinders the vibe. The best shots are often times the ones that weren't planned. The only thing I ask from my clients is to come to your photoshoot with an open mind and be ready to try something new!